Wednesday, July 1, 2009

About Us

Who are we ? A bunch of idealists, visionaries, utopians.We are looking for new strategies that would allow intellectual and cultural survival of sensitive people.We hope and wish to see the damned city of the industrial music reduced to a heap of ruins, one new Gomorra. We are convinced of the beneficial effects of sharing and cooperating , we refuse the logic of competitiveness and profit and alike the utopians of XIX the century, we want to create a free men (musicians) community in a position of prefiguring through the sounds, a new world.It is no longer the time of mediations, a different future is coming. This Big Brother society has in mind, for all of us a future of darkness and silliness.The SfintRecords is meant for all those who believe in the possibility of promoting culture through the music media in order to fight the drift, to all those who believes in music as an art and not as a merchandise, to all those who are regardless of the system and do not want to be part of it.The SfintRecords is against any type of racism what so ever, every inspired sound that comes from a free expression is welcome, we are only asking to share the vision of the "Musical Revolutions".The SfintRecords promotes intellectual ecology with the aim to free brain area from detritus, sewages , dangerous drainages.To dismount those structures that are harming landscapes and preventing regular oxygen circulation.The SfintRecords is against intellectual corrosion with the scope to obtain neurones decontamination with the aim of a growing fertile land of creativity.The SfintRecords is a recovering house, is a health mental care center that recover patients but do not wish to insert them back in the system and as the ideological founders we are their patients. "We are well aware patients of the need of the treatments"(Presentation by Angelo Secondini aka Cometa)

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  1. Hello,
    love this garage sounds of Idealism.

    I just let you know with my litle music

    hope we'll work together 4 the next.