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[SFIRE001] Cometa - Ralph and Robert

[SFIRE001] Cometa - Ralph and Robert (May 30, 2009)
Cometa is a truly captivating artist of some considerable merit. Being able to create wonderful music and sound constructions in a very accomplished manner. He is able to capture many essences and feelings, in an emotive and touching way, being able to cope with the expression of moods and sensations over many genres, with an amazing ability to fuse everything from classical to electronic minimalism. As an artist, he is a very idealistic and philosophic human being, with a heart of gold. The latter being the best fusion that his musical expression can and does convey. I believe Cometa, the artist to be truly avant garde and at the vanguard of a musical revolution. Change through cultural means, is something I fully support and, in that sense, have a strong belief in that aspect of his beautiful creative ability.(presentation by Ivan1984 - )
Ralph and Robert
"Il teatro della ripetizione si oppone al teatro della rappresentazione, come il movimento si oppone al concetto e alla rappresentazione che lo riferisce al concetto. Nel teatro della ripetizione, si provano delle forze pure, delle linee dinamiche nello spazio che agiscono sulla mente senza intermediazioni e che la congiungono direttamente alla natura e alla storia, un linguaggio che parla prima delle parole, dei gesti che si elaborano prima dei corpi organizzati, delle maschere che vengono prima dei volti, degli spettri e dei fantasmi prima dei personaggi..."
Deleuze, G. Différence et répétition, Paris 1968
Dedicato a Raffaele e Roberto
An album of great evocative power to the voices and sounds. "Ralph and Robert" has a melody that enchants the mind and then leads to a possible catharsis. Alternate sounds that repeat inhibits thought (it is a bit hypnotic for instance) and other sounds in which, consequently, is free energy. A very vital event and characteristic of meditatio. Open, thus, sensitive vibration spaces where you can let your consciousness flow. Not only, presents a rhythmic variety able to touch a large number of internal connections. In fact you can even hear tribal rhythms. It's really a great song that strikes since first listen. The voices are very evocative and caress the mind. After hearing this song a sense of purity will find space in your mind and your body (10). "Streets of Suburbia" is a song of great beauty. It has an aesthetic ideal and thus creates a framework of realistic emotions of real life. Emotions that are inside us when we not pursue unnecessary ambitions. It's the song of being and not having. I find it wonderful(10). "Silence" is still immersed in this beauty. Time runs slow, the past is no longer your master and there is no movement toward the future. Only here with his silence. Is here now (10). "Fog" is like a return to the world around you. Watch the world and learn to have a pleasing softness. Inner space you have and this is the smoothness(10). "Touch Me" is an invitation to others to approach. It's a mysterious song that surprise in the second part. In the end you have the feeling of sharing(9). "I'am waiting" really expresses awaiting and impatience, calm and restlessness. But but a star shining, is the one of which has met its deep connection(9). Even the cover is significant. Friendship is crossed by the light.
This audio is part of the collection: SfintRecords Netlabel Artist/Composer: Cometa Date: 2009-05-30Source: SfintRecordsKeywords: Avant-garde; Electronic; Experimental; Ambient; Minimal
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